AT&T caught scamming customers

AT&T Caught Scamming Customers

AT&T Inc. has agreed to pay $7.75 million for an unlawful practice they got caught for. They was letting scammers bill their customers for fake directory assistance. AT&T caught scamming customers for the public to see. The worst part is that AT&T knowing fully allow this to happen. They received a fee from the scamming […]

t-mobile pokemon go

T-Mobile Pokemon Go Free Data Offer

T-Mobile is at it again with more offers ! Recently announced T-Mobile Pokemon Go free data offer. On July 19th the offer will be available with others as well. T-Mobile has been very aggressive with getting attention. Not too long ago T-Mobile announced their T-Mobile Tuesdays deals. Pokemon Go is the biggest phenomenon right now. Everyone is […]

Verizon Wireless New Plans

Verizon Wireless New Plans

Verizon Wireless recently made some changes to its wireless plans. Verizon Wireless new plans promises to “transform your wireless experience”. After an in depth review it seems like just a catchy marketing move. Verizon is claiming “overages are over” with their new Safety mode. Verizon’s latest press release demonstrates the new Verizon features.   Verizon Wireless […]